Refund Policy

Choose and Buy Proxies

  1. 24-Hour Money-Back Guarantee:
    • OneProxy provides a 24-hour money-back guarantee from the time of purchase.
    • Refunds are processed in the same method as the original payment.
    • To initiate a refund, contact our Customer Service Team.
  2. Conditions for Refund Eligibility:
    • Non-functioning proxy that cannot be replaced.
    • Inability to connect to the target site through a proxy server, confirmed by our Technical Specialist.
    • Unavailability of the necessary IP location.
  3. Monitoring of Refund Requests:
    • OneProxy closely monitors the frequency of refund requests.
    • Refund requests exceeding three times within a single month may be refused.
  4. Cancellation Policy Beyond 24 Hours:
    • Post 24-hour window, order cancellations result in credit for unused funds on your internal balance.
    • Cancellations allowed once every three days through your personal panel.
  5. Technical Support and Dissatisfaction:
    • In cases of dissatisfaction with purchased proxies, customers are encouraged to contact our Technical Support Team for refund processing.
  6. Technical Competency and Responsibility:
    • No refunds for lack of customer, developer, or third-party competence in using the service.
    • OneProxy is not responsible for client or third-party education.
  7. Incompatibility Clause:
    • No responsibility for product or service incompatibility with third-party software (scripts, extensions, add-ons, plug-ins, video games, etc.).
    • Ensure compatibility before purchase; support is available pre, during, and post-purchase.
    • Refund requests due to incompatibility or abuse will be declined.
  8. Proxy Abuse Policy:
    • Use of proxies on websites like surveys, gambling, dating, etc., can lead to immediate proxy disablement without prior notice.
    • No refunds for proxies disabled due to such abuse.
  9. Agreement to Refund Policy:
    • By purchasing from OneProxy, you agree to the terms outlined in this Refund Policy.

This policy is designed to ensure a fair and transparent process for refunds, emphasizing our commitment to customer satisfaction while upholding the integrity of our services.

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