How Recruiters Use Scraping to Find Professionals

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How Recruiters Use Scraping to Find Professionals

Recruiters are hired in cases where the vacancy is narrowly focused and it is difficult to find a specialist. Therefore, we have to be sophisticated in every possible way, using advanced technologies to search for information. For example, web scraping or parsing, which allows you to automatically collect information from sites. Let’s figure out how recruiters use it to find professionals and what benefits it brings.

Parsing is a technology for collecting data from websites by extracting information from HTML code. For this purpose, recruiters use various tools and programs.

Application of parsing in recruiting

In this section, we will analyze in detail all aspects of using web scraping to find personnel and select candidates.

Collecting information about specialists

Recruiters use scraping to automatically collect data about professionals from various platforms such as Habr, or GitHub. This allows you to access information about candidates’ skills, work experience, education, and even contact information.

Analysis of resumes and profiles

Using web scraping, recruiters extract data on key skills and experience from candidate resumes and profiles on specialized platforms. This helps automate the process of matching job requirements with the applicant profile, speeding up and improving the selection process.

Evaluating candidates based on public information

By analyzing professional achievements and projects available in public sources, recruiters make more informed choices when inviting candidates for interviews. Also, by analyzing candidates’ public statements and interactions on social media, recruiters can evaluate their approach to work and fit with the corporate culture. This is a non-obvious aspect of recruitment that is still undervalued. However, rest assured that top corporations also take this information into account when selecting specialists.

Advantages of using parsing in recruiting

There are several benefits to using web scraping in recruiting. First, it improves search efficiency because the automated process allows you to process multiple profiles faster than a manual process. Secondly, it saves time and resources for recruiters, who can concentrate on analyzing data and making decisions.

It is worth remembering that web scraping has its limitations and risks. Some websites may limit access to their scraping data. This can be solved by using a package of proxy servers that will separate requests to different IP addresses. This way the parsing specialist will successfully bypass the ban.

Recommendations for parsing for recruiting

To successfully use parsing in recruiting, you should follow several recommendations:

  • Optimize queries and bypass bans. This is written above: exceeding the limit on requests to a server from one IP will lead to its ban. To do this you need to use multiple IP addresses. This will minimize the risk of a ban and increase the efficiency of parsing.
  • Regularly update information on candidates’ resumes. Questionnaires may change, so it is important to regularly update the database. In addition, new profiles are constantly appearing. Therefore, parsing should become a regular procedure.

Prospects for parsing in recruiting

With the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the role and benefits of parsing in recruiting will only grow. Algorithms are becoming more accurate in identifying suitable candidates and predicting success in a given position.

For successful parsing, an arsenal of clean proxy servers is important, which will ensure reliable encrypted data transmission. Server proxies (several ones) or mobile ones will do. One mobile proxy contains a pool of several thousand IPs, which ensures security during parsing.

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