Trends in the Online Betting and Gambling Industry in 2023

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Trends in the Online Betting and Gambling Industry in 2023

Online gambling continues to gain momentum, and every year this sector becomes more and more attractive to investors and webmasters. However, despite all the advantages, online gambling faces certain problems, especially in the field of advertising. Advertising accounts such as Google and Facebook often question gambling-related accounts. To avoid this, it is recommended to use elite proxies, which you can purchase on our website. This allows you to maintain anonymity and continue to work without worrying about possible checks from resources.

The influence of technology and smartphones

In 2022, PCs held a significant share of about 48% in the gambling market. This can be attributed to the large screen size offered by PCs, which allows players to fully appreciate the details and graphics of the game.

However, smartphones are becoming increasingly popular due to technological advancements. Modern features and capabilities of smartphones have enabled developers to create visually appealing and realistic games. This allows for greater access to online casinos, especially in regions where personal computers may not be as common or unavailable for various reasons.

Trends in segments

The gambling market covers various segments including poker, sports betting, bingo and casinos. In 2022, the sports betting segment held a dominant position with a market share of around 49%. This indicates high demand and interest in this niche among online gambling fans.

Partnerships between gambling software developers and private companies have played a critical role in expanding the market. This collaboration helps offer users an improved betting experience. One prominent example of a partnership is the alliance between Amazon and DraftKings Inc. The result is DraftKings, the exclusive football betting app on Amazon’s Prime Video platform.

Regarding the future growth of the online gambling market, blackjack and virtual slot machines are expected to contribute significantly. The growing popularity of these games, coupled with the rapid development trend of casinos, is serving as a driving force for the growth of this segment. Players are attracted to games that offer fast gameplay and entertainment, making them more likely to engage in online gambling.

Impact of cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have a number of advantages that make them attractive to online casino players:

  • Anonymity: Players can make transactions without revealing personal information.
  • Fast transactions: Deposits and withdrawals are almost instant.
  • Low Fees: Cryptocurrency transactions often have lower fees compared to traditional payment methods.

Additionally, the use of cryptocurrencies in online casinos can help overcome geographic restrictions and provide access to players from regions where traditional payment methods may be limited or inconvenient.

For example, BitStarz, with its large player base of approximately 4 million regular players, demonstrates the growing popularity of online casinos that accept cryptocurrencies. As more players become familiar with cryptocurrencies and their benefits, it is likely that the number of online casinos accepting this payment method will increase.

Trends in the Online Betting and Gambling Industry in 2023

Geography of gambling

According to statistics for 2022, Europe was the leader in the online gambling niche. The region accounted for more than 40% of the market. This is because Europe has less strict regulations regarding online gambling. Some countries allow open advertising of gambling to the general public.

Rapid growth of the gambling market in the Asian region is expected in the near future. High rates of economic growth, as well as the gradual weakening of laws regarding gambling, will play a significant role in this.

Taking into account the statistics, we can conclude that in the near future, the development of technology and the gradual lifting of restrictions on gambling will significantly affect the market. New regions, trends and approaches to advertising will appear. If your country has problems with gambling (including arbitrage), use our proxies, which will help you circumvent the prohibitions. Proxies also make it possible to advertise abroad and use several advertising accounts.

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