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In 2023, PST.NET emerges as a leading payment platform offering virtual cards in USD and EURO, setting a high benchmark with competitive market conditions:

  • Provision of up to 100 complimentary cards for arbitration teams during testing phases.
  • A nominal fee of $1 for the issuance of extra cards, featuring over 25 BINs facilitated by 5 esteemed US and EU banks.
  • An industry-low commission of 2% for card replenishment.

The prestigious Visa Platinum Credit cards, fortified with 3D-Secure technology and a robust BIN quality monitoring system from PST.NET, ensure unparalleled protection against verification hurdles across all advertising platforms.

PSTNET Advantages:

  1. Complimentary provision of 100 cards: Ideal for arbitration teams during testing phases, reducing upfront costs.
  2. $1 charge for subsequent cards: Affordable expansion of card portfolio.
  3. 2% commission on card replenishment: Competitive rate, ensuring low operational costs.
  4. Zero percent transaction fee: Significant savings on transactions.
  5. Zero percent commission on card withdrawals: Allows for cost-effective funds retrieval.
  6. Zero percent fee on declined transactions: No penalties on transaction declines, promoting financial ease.
  7. Zero percent fee on transactions with blocked cards: No hidden costs even in unfavorable circumstances.
  8. Access to over 25 premium BINs: Broad bank identification number selections for diversified financial operations.
  9. Enhanced security with 3-D Secure support: Robust security measures for safe transactions.
  10. Absence of restrictions on expenditure and card quantity: Unrestricted financial operations and scalability, catering to various business sizes and needs.

Distinctively, PST.NET is the sole service holder of an official MSB license in the virtual card market. The registration process on PSTNET is notably swift, taking merely a minute with no document requirements for the receipt of the initial card and a top-up capacity of up to $500. For an elevated experience with access to premium bins and API functionalities, engagement with the service support for Private program enrollment is advised.

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