Proven Sneaker Bots to Work With Yeezy Supply

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Proven Sneaker Bots to Work With Yeezy Supply

Kanye West is a maverick. His influence extends to the world of sneakers. A few years ago, he signed a contract with Adidas to produce a signature line of shoes. Selling out within minutes, getting your hands on a highly coveted limited edition pair of Kanye Yeezys is like beating Usain Bolt in the 100m dash.

However, it is possible to win this competition. Automated tools come to the rescue. Bots place an order in a split second and buy the much-desired pairs of shoes. No ordinary user will overtake them. All that remains is to figure out which bot to choose. Let us immediately note that Yeezy is targeted not only by ordinary buyers, but also by dealers. They understand that exclusive pairs can be resold at a profit. Their popularity has never waned. That’s why you won’t find cheap bots. People are willing to pay for them to get ahead of others.

Yeezy Supply

Choosing the Perfect Bot for Yeezy Supply

Choosing the right bot software is of utmost importance. Since Yeezy releases in the US and Adidas in the EU happen differently, bots require special modules to navigate each individual website. We’ve selected some of the best options.


If your goal is triumph, then you need Trickle. Designed to help you shop Yeezy Supply at lightning speed, this exceptional bot offers many benefits.

Trickle burst onto the scene after much testing and received the approval of the professionals. Trickle processed 19.5 thousand orders for Yeezy Day this year. This is an impressive figure.

Trickle’s success depends on three factors. Firstly, it boasts a built-in anti-ban blocker that quickly responds to security changes. Secondly, the user-friendly interface guides you through every step of the purchase seamlessly. Lastly, dedicated customer support is available via Discord, ensuring prompt assistance when needed.

The best part is that this product is comparable in price to the value it provides. A payment of $499 is required to use Trickle for the first month. This is followed by a monthly maintenance fee of $50. If you think that this is a lot for users, then note that it is purchased more than a thousand times every month.

Trickle is one of the kings of buying Yeezy sneakers. It is a fact. However, it will also help you make purchases from Walmart, Hibbet or Shopify. The bot has huge potential.


Wrath stands out among the Yeezy bots. During this year’s Yeezy Day extravaganza, 1,779 Wrath users made over 22,000 successful purchases. The numbers speak for themselves.

The Wrath’s extraordinary success is a result of its attention to Yeezy Supply’s ever-changing safety measures. In addition, the bot boasts a user-friendly interface that allows you to set it up in just 5 minutes.

The creators of Wrath understand that snagging a pair of coveted sneakers during release requires multi-tasking, automated work. This bot handles high loads perfectly. And for those who like to analyze their achievements, Wrath offers personalized reports.

The only downside to Wrath is its limited availability. However, there is an option to purchase this exceptional bot for $350 on the secondary market. Wrath is also suitable for purchases on online markets Footsites, Supreme and Shopify.

Tools for purchasing besides bots

First of all, you need to purchase the right type of proxy. In the past, many sneakerheads opted for fast and cheap server proxies. Unfortunately, security systems detect them and ban them. Pure private proxies solve this problem. They hide the real user and create the illusion of the presence of several unrelated buyers. Let’s say you use 10 different proxies and the security system will never assume that they belong to the same person.

Secondly, special attention must be paid to the origin of the proxy. It is necessary that the IP addresses of the proxy server be in close proximity to the servers of online markets. This is a small detail that not all professional resellers know about. Proxy IP addresses from Europe are not enough for Yeezy Supply. Therefore, it is extremely important to prefer United States proxies.

Thirdly, the duration of the session plays a decisive role. It is necessary to maintain its continuity. Once the user is in the Yeezy Supply queue, it is important to be sure not to change the IP address for at least 10 minutes.

Remember that proxies play a key role in achieving success at Yeezy Supply. The synergy of strategies including multitasking, careful selection of proxies, and sufficient session lengths combine to provide the keys to a successful purchase.

You will find high-quality proxies in our service. We always offer US proxies at affordable prices. Users receive a discount for package purchases. Just write to the online chat and our specialists will advise you on which proxies to choose and how to set them up. Payment is possible in many ways. With us you will definitely become the owner of the desired Yeezy.

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