How to Make Money on the Linea Crypto Project Using a Proxy

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How to Make Money on the Linea Crypto Project Using a Proxy

Crypto projects promote their tokens and attract the attention of users through airdrops, in which they distribute free cryptocurrency to existing or potential participants. To obtain tokens, users need to complete small tasks. This could be subscribing to accounts on the project’s social networks or reposting messages.

Each project sets its own requirements. However, the main goal is to spread information about the project and attract new users. Some tokens are automatically sent to the user’s wallet, while others need to be transferred from the account yourself. You can always find out about this in the drop rules.

Any user with a cryptocurrency wallet can participate in airdrops. Lack of experience and knowledge in the cryptocurrency field is not a reason to refuse lucrative offers. Especially when we have prepared step-by-step instructions. In this article we will look at the hot drop from the Linea DeFi Voyage program.


To date, Linea has launched three waves of participation in the program. They represent different stages of the Linea DeFi Voyage program. Each has its own tasks for which you will be awarded XP cryptocurrency. Participants can choose which waves they want to participate in. It is not necessary to complete all tasks.

The program will last 6 weeks. There will be 10 waves and 10 main tasks.

Linea Crypto Project
Linea Crypto Project

Earning XP

As we wrote above, even a beginner in cryptocurrencies will be able to take part in the drop. Here are the instructions:

First step: prepare your accounts

You must have accounts on Discord and Twitter. If they are not there, then register them.

Second step: select and link your main wallet

The Linea Voyage XP you earn will be credited to this wallet. Please note: once you specify, you cannot change your wallet. The best wallet to choose is MetaMask.

Third step: select the wave you want to participate in

There are currently two waves available: Wave 0 and Wave 1. Wave 2 starts in six days. You can choose one, or participate in both. Each wave has its own tasks.

Wave 0 (Deadline – December 7)

Wave tasks: subscribe to two Twitter accounts: Intract Team and Linea. To complete the task, follow this link for Wave 0. For each subscription you will be awarded 20 XP.

Linea Wave 0

This wave will last until December 7th. So, you have plenty of time to make a couple of clicks.

Wave 1 (Deadline – November 14)

The main task of the wave is make a bridge from $20 via MetaMask Portfolio using the LINEA network.

linea drop

To “bridge” in the context of cryptocurrencies means to move assets (such as tokens) between different blockchains or networks. In this context, to “bridge” means to create a bridge between two blockchains in order to move tokens between them. It is better to read separately about what “blockchain” is.

Here is a detailed explanation for beginners. For an experienced user this will not be difficult. Here are the instructions for creating a bridge using MetaMask:

  • Install and configure MetaMask. At this point, you should have a MetaMask wallet created. It works as a browser extension. Enter it.
  • Switch to the desired blockchain. Open MetaMask and select the blockchain you want to move tokens from (e.g. Ethereum). Naturally, they should already be in your wallet. As soon as you transfer funds to your wallet, repeat what is shown in the illustration:
linea wave 0

Please note that we are transferring ETH to the Linea network from another network. We chose Arbitrum to minimize transaction fees.

  • After sending the tokens, wait for the transaction to be confirmed on the target network. After that, they will be available and, thus, you will complete the task of the second wave.
  • You can also complete an additional task: transfer ETH for $5 through MetaMask Portfolio on the LINEA network.

We follow the same link and repeat what we did earlier, but with ETH for $5.

After completing the main and side quests of the first wave, you will receive 150 XP.

Getting more XP from Linea

Now let’s start earning XP using multi-accounting. That is, we will repeat what we did before. You will need to create the appearance of registering a new participant in the drop, so that the administration does not become suspicious. You can then complete the tasks and transfer the XP you receive to your main wallet. To create each additional account to participate in the program you will need:

  • Twitter account
  • Discord account.
  • Foreign proxy server with a unique IP: USA, Canada and European countries. One US proxy will cost you $0.06. It is ideal for participating in the drop.
  • Wallet in MetaMask.
  • Anti-detect browser.

With this set, you will time after time link a new account in the Linea drop and complete tasks of the zero and first waves: subscribe and transfer funds. And if the tasks of the first wave are expensive, then the zero one can be completed indefinitely. You will only spend money on proxy rental.

The anti-detect will be needed to create a unique browser “fingerprint” in order to create the appearance that a new user is registering in the program every time. You can also assign a separate proxy to each tab. In the free version of Dolphin, you can create up to 10 tabs on one account.

So. Accumulated Linea Voyage XP can be used in the future. Perhaps as part of other campaigns or for other purposes provided for in Linea. Follow the news and updates of the project. We will monitor the news and write about the second wave when it starts. Choose our proxies and make money with them on any drops.

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