How to Make Money From Bot Farming Using Proxies

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How to Make Money From Bot Farming Using Proxies

Bots are used everywhere on the Internet: in social networks, online games and online stores. They automatically perform routine tasks and help you promote and make money on the Internet. Bots do tasks that people do: respond to chat messages, search for information on the Internet, send newsletters. Let’s look at what bot farming is and how to increase its effectiveness using proxies.

What is bot farming and what problems does it solve?

In bot farming, users create, configure, and manage bots. A bot is a program that performs tasks according to a given algorithm. Developers program bots to answer people’s questions in chat, search for information, buy goods in online stores, and participate in online games. From the side of the system, bots look like ordinary users – they perform actions like real people. Entrepreneurs, companies, gamers and those who want to make money on the Internet need bots. Therefore, botanical farming is a popular activity that generates income.

In what areas are bots used and what problems do they solve:

  • Chatbots. The program answers people’s questions using an algorithm and solves routine problems. Chatbots answer standard questions and provide the necessary links in instant messengers, social networks, and online stores.
  • Bots are used for mass mailings in instant messengers and social networks.
  • Grinch bots. With their help, people snap up limited collections of sneakers and equipment at competitive prices in a matter of seconds. Then you can resell them and make money.
  • Trading bots. Bots are used for trading on the financial exchange: the program monitors, automatically trades and brings income to the trader.
  • Bots for SMM. Such bots are used by SMMers to increase subscribers on an account, in communities and channels.
  • Parsers. They search for information on web resources, collect data about users and generate a report.

This is an incomplete list of the areas in which bots work and what tasks they can solve. Looking at the variety of areas where bots can be used, it becomes clear that bot farming is a popular activity. However, they will require proxy servers to operate. We tell you why they are necessary.

Why do we need proxies?

Proxies are intermediate servers between the user and the target resource. They hide the IP address, mask a person’s geolocation, provide anonymity and help bypass website restrictions.

Using proxies when working with bots opens up many opportunities for developing and scaling bot farming. Social networks, online games and online stores prohibit the use of programs that automate processes. Violators of the rule face a ban – temporarily or permanently. Proxy servers remove restrictions. If you run bots without a proxy, they will be immediately banned for suspicious actions – the system will regard the bots’ actions as a hacker attack.

Which proxies to choose

To achieve the desired result and not have problems with bots, you will need reliable fast proxies. Free proxies that are publicly available will not work. They cannot provide the user with anonymity, confidentiality and protection from intruders. They are also quickly detected and banned by anti-fraud systems. In addition, public proxies have low speed due to the fact that they are used by a large number of people at the same time.

It is better to opt for individual proxies – they are reliable, anonymous and high-speed. Their speed is 30-40 Mbit/sec. Mobile proxies are suitable for bot breeding. They have a dynamic IP address, a high degree of anonymity, security and speed. You can rent high-quality proxies on our service. We have a large selection of countries and types of proxies and a 24-hour support service that is ready to advise at any time.

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