How to Make a Mass Mailing in Viber

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How to Make a Mass Mailing in Viber

More than two billion people on the planet use instant messengers. The most popular are Whatsapp and Viber. On WhatsApp alone, about 55 billion messages are sent per day. This is a huge audience with which you need to be able to work.

First of all, it is profitable to send mass mailings in Viber. Imagine: if at least one person out of a hundred or even a thousand responds to an advertising offer, then at a low cost this will be a huge benefit. At the same time, the advantage of Viber is that you can write up to 1000 characters of text and attach pictures and videos.

The advantage of mass mailing in mobile messengers is that if you compose the text of the offer attractively, then people will have all the conditions to take the target action: follow the link, answer or call. The last two actions are much faster to perform on smartphones than via email on a computer.

The first thing you need to do as an advertiser is to gather a target audience so you don’t send messages to everyone. There are special services that will not only target the audience, but will also send messages. Let’s look at their advantages.

Program for automating mailing in Viber: Viber MultiBot

The cost of the bot is $190 USDT with a subscription of $25 USDT starting from the second month. The price includes ZennoBox, and also provides video instructions on how to use the bot. Let’s look at the functionality of the software:


The bot automatically creates accounts with and without avatars. Names can be selected from a list or randomly generated. It supports 16 SMS services and can register accounts in 56 different countries. This bot also has smart logic that switches it to another SMS service if a verification code is not received or an invalid number is entered. The next time you register, the bot is configured to a stable service that is currently running.

Mailing list in PM

This bot sends messages to personal chats, supporting various formats such as text, images, files, videos and combinations thereof. You can send personalized messages to each contact using their name from Vibera or list. The text also supports random generation of greetings.

Group mailing

The bot creates a group for up to 250 people and sends messages to it with various media formats.


This bot can create an autoresponder that chats with users, supporting multiple response options and multiple message formats, including text, images, files, and videos. It can also use the username in messages and has blacklist functionality.

Autoresponder separate mode

Supports all the functions of a standard answering machine, but can work without broadcasting, processing incoming messages.


The bot checks numbers for availability in Viber, and also collects data about the user’s name and the time of his last activity. This helps create an active database to increase conversions.

Invite to communities

The bot can massively invite users to communities, as well as create its own communities and support invites from administrators.


The bot forwards posts from channels and communities to private messages.

Newsletter to communities

The bot sends messages to communities pre-specified in the list and supports invites to other communities.

Warming up accounts

This mode is designed to pre-warm accounts in order to increase their survivability and increase the number of messages sent.

Additional options include reporting during the mailing process and generating device parameters to simulate the activity of a live user.

This bot allows you to automate large volumes of work in a short time, providing the ability to send personalized messages and simulate the activity of a live user. It is suitable for both offline and online areas of activity.

Proxy for working with programs

To work with MultiBot and other software for automating mailing and targeting in Viber, it is important to use proxy servers. Let’s see how they can help in specific scenarios:

  • Anonymity and security. Let’s say you send messages in a country with strict censorship. Proxy servers will help hide your real IP address, ensuring anonymity and security of your communications.
  • Bypassing bans. Your business is international and you want to reach customers in different parts of the world. Proxy servers allow you to bypass geographic restrictions, which makes your distribution more global.
  • Traffic management. Let’s say you want to offer products to a specific local audience. Proxy servers allow you to select proxies in a specific geographic area to better suit your clients.
  • Reducing the load on servers. Imagine that your email campaign is a huge success and you are receiving thousands of requests. Proxy servers distribute this load across multiple servers, ensuring stable operation and preventing blockages.
  • Performance improvement. If your application interacts with web resources, proxy servers can cache data and speed up access, which improves performance and reduces latency.
  • Scalability. Imagine your business is growing and you want to expand into new markets. Using proxy servers, you can easily add additional proxies to handle larger volumes of data and audiences. Imagine that a company that sells keys for Steam games has a problem sending notifications about discounts and promotions. Among the clients were users from different countries, and the banning of their IP addresses became a serious obstacle. The use of proxy servers allowed the company to bypass restrictions, delivering messages to customers without problems and increasing conversion by 30%.

Here you will find proxy servers for integration with Viber mailing programs. Let us share a few specific benefits of our service:

  • Wide range of tariffs. We offer a variety of plans, ranging from small businesses to large corporations. Our clients choose the best plan that suits their requirements and budget.
  • High-speed secure proxies. Our proxy servers provide high speed and security, ensuring the stable and secure operation of your Viber messaging programs.
  • Global coverage. Our service provides proxy servers in 88 countries, allowing you to choose the servers that best suit your target audience and geographic needs.
  • 24/7 support service. Our support team works 24/7, promptly responding to your requests and requests. This guarantees a quick and selfless solution to your problems.
  • Automated process. After payment, proxy addresses instantly appear in your personal account, simplifying and speeding up the process of starting to use proxy servers.
  • Flexible rental terms. Users of our service have the opportunity to renew their rental for an unlimited period, ensuring convenience and stable operation of the programs.

We offer a reliable and flexible solution for those looking for proxy servers for effective bulk messaging on Viber. They support high performance, anonymity and security of your transactions, and also provide a choice of geolocations around the world.

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