Avito Parsing: What Is It For, What Software Should You Use

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Avito Parsing: What Is It For, What Software Should You Use

Today Avito occupies a leading position among ad placement services. Thousands of advertisements from millions of users are published on the site. Renting and renting housing, finding work and performers, selling and buying real estate, cars and other goods – such options are offered by Avito. To get the maximum benefit from using the service and achieve the desired result, parsing will help. We’ll tell you what it is, what problems it solves on Avito, and why proxies are needed for parsing.

What is parsing

Parsing is the automatic collection and systematization of information from web resources. For parsing, special programs have been developed – parsers, which collect data from sites according to specified parameters, and upon completion provide a report in table format.

How parsing helps in business tasks

Without collecting and analyzing data, it is impossible to build and maintain any business. Therefore, scraping is an indispensable tool for any business. What problems does parsing solve:

  • Competitor analysis. Parsing collects information about marketing strategies, prices and sales volumes of competitors. This will help you understand the market situation and choose the right promotion strategy.
  • End-to-end analytics. By combining the parser with the desired platform, you can automatically collect data on the results of transactions and the budget, as well as calculate the payback of advertising campaigns.
  • SEO promotion. With the help of parsing, you can competently compose a semantic core, analyze search results and identify errors on your own website.
  • Launch of advertising campaigns. Parsing helps to collect a target audience base and find suitable platforms for advertising.
  • Pricing. Using parsing, you can analyze prices and products of competitors. This will allow you to set optimal prices for goods and services, which will attract customers.

Parsing will help every entrepreneur increase sales, attract new customers and scale their business. Avito is a powerful source of traffic for business, so scraping on this platform is also relevant. Below we will look at what tasks parsing helps you cope with on Avito.

Avito Parsing

What problems does Avito parsing solve?

Parsing Avito helps you find all advertisements of a certain category, including contacts of those who post them. When data collection is complete, the parser will provide a report of the collected information, which can be used for various purposes. For example:

  • Competitor analysis. Parsing provides comprehensive information about competitors. You can see which ads are getting more responses and analyze what to change in your ads to achieve the desired result.
  • Calling and mass mailing of the database. Using the parser, you can collect phone numbers of ad owners in order to call them in the future or send messages offering services or goods.
  • Completing your own website. You can automate the transfer of ads from Avito to a group on a social network or to your own website. There is no need to manually copy text and upload photos – the parser automates this process.

You can use the information received from the parser at your discretion, it depends on the task ahead. However, before downloading the parser, you need to rent high-quality proxies – without them, parsing will be difficult or even impossible.

Why do we need proxies and how to choose them

A proxy server is an intermediate link between the user and the requested web resource. The main proxy option is to hide the user’s IP address and location. For parsing, using a proxy is necessary for several reasons:

  • Bypassing blocks and restrictions. If you run the parser without a proxy, there is a high probability of getting a ban for excessive activity. The proxy will hide the IP address, and thereby protect the account from being blocked.
  • Ability to run parsing from multiple accounts. Proxies will allow you to parse from different IP addresses – this will speed up the process of collecting information.
  • Anonymity and confidentiality. Good proxies protect the user from hacker attacks and protect personal information during scraping.

There are paid and free proxies on the Internet that are publicly available. The latter are not recommended to be used, as they have a low level of security and anonymity. Using public proxies, the risk of identity theft increases manifold. It is preferable to use mobile proxies. They will provide a high level of security, speed and anonymity. Mobile proxies will help you easily scrape on Avito without the risk of blocking. High-speed, high-quality mobile proxies are presented on our service.

Why do you need software?

To parse smoothly, you need parser software. The software automatically starts collecting and analyzing information in a short time. In this case, a person does not participate in the process, unlike manual collection of information. Another advantage of parsers is automation and integration. These options allow you to customize the search for information based on specified parameters.

Examples of parsers

There is a large selection of parsing software available on the Internet. Let’s look at 2 parsers that will help collect information on Avito.


This is a free online parser that collects information from message boards, including Avito. The parser analyzes 100,000 ads in 20 minutes and works 24/7. The program finds phone numbers, keywords, prices, cities, categories, publication dates. Data is uploaded to an Excel file or CRM system.


A parser developed specifically for Avito. The program parses information from all sections of Avito. The software supports multi-threaded operation, recognizes phone numbers, uploads data to a CSV file, and downloads found images from advertisements. The program is looking for:

  • contact numbers of ad owners
  • keywords
  • headings
  • prices
  • view statistics
  • photos and links
  • publication dates

To work with AviParser you will also need proxies. The price of the software is 490 rubles.

Parsing on Avito is a useful tool that will help you use the site as efficiently as possible and extract the necessary information for business development. To parse quickly and smoothly, you need to use a proxy when working with parsers. A proxy server will protect your account from bans and speed up parsing. You can find fast and reliable proxies on our service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Avito Parcing

Parsing refers to the automated extraction and organization of information from web resources. Special software, called parsers, carries out this function, scraping data based on predetermined parameters and presenting the findings in a tabular format.

Avito is a leading platform for posting advertisements, covering a wide range of services from housing rentals to job searches, and from buying and selling real estate to automobiles and other goods.

Parsing addresses various challenges in business, including:

  • Competitor Analysis: Gathers data on competitors’ pricing, marketing strategies, and sales volumes.
  • End-to-End Analytics: Automates data collection for transaction outcomes and advertising ROI.
  • SEO Promotion: Assists in forming a semantic core, analyzing search results, and identifying website errors.
  • Advertising Campaigns: Helps in gathering a target audience base.
  • Pricing Strategy: Aids in setting optimal prices by analyzing competitors’ products and services.

Parsing Avito can help with:

  • Competitor Analysis: Allows you to study the performance of ads from competitors.
  • Database for Outreach: Helps in gathering phone numbers of ad owners for future communications.
  • Website Content: Automates the transfer of Avito ads to your own website or social media groups.

Proxies serve as an intermediary between the user and the web resource. They are essential for:

  • Bypassing Blocks: Hides the IP address to prevent account bans.
  • Multiple Account Operation: Enables parsing from different IP addresses to accelerate data collection.
  • Security and Anonymity: Protects against unauthorized access and ensures data privacy.

Choosing the right proxy is crucial for effective and secure parsing. It’s advisable to avoid free or public proxies due to security risks. Mobile proxies are generally recommended because they offer high levels of security, speed, and anonymity.

Parser software allows for automated, quick, and efficient data collection and analysis. Unlike manual methods, the software enables intricate customization based on specific search parameters.

There are various options, but two notable ones are:

  • Goodparser: A free online parser that can analyze up to 100,000 ads in 20 minutes. It works round the clock and exports data to Excel or CRM systems.
  • AviParser: Designed specifically for Avito, this software costs 490 rubles and supports multi-threading, phone number recognition, and data export to CSV files.

Parsing on Avito enables businesses to maximize their utility of the platform by automating various tasks like competitor research, data analytics, and content management. It streamlines information gathering, making it easier to make data-driven decisions for business growth.

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